Kiwi in IRAN (History and present situation)

Kiwi was introduced in Iran in the early 1980 s but was not produced in a large commercial scale until the 1989-1990.The Caspian region with its excellent climate is the ideal location and is very well suited the plantation of fruit.

Annual production in 1996 was 25000tons for 1000 hectares of plantation .with a growing production rate (1997 estimate 35000 tons) producers and exporters have commenced on a marketing campaign to increase Iran s share of the world kiwi marketing campaign to increase Iran s share of the world kiwi market .In the past two years the Iranian kiwi farmers and exporters have started exporting their produce to the Persian Gulf /CIS/and some European countries .Iranian kiwi is mostly of the Hayward variety and has good quality and size for export.


Iranian kiwi is exported in world

standard packaging and is sorted according to size and shape. Sorted kiwis are packed in to a single layer tray which is placed in a carton weighing approximately Three (3) kilograms (including the kiwi). The three main sizes of cartons are:

  • 27 kiwi (each 100-110gr.)
  • 30 kiwi (each 90 gr.)
  • 33 kiwi (each 75-80 gr.)




An expected yield profile for Hayward

Age (years) Yield (Ton/hectare)


4 6.0
5 10.0
6 14.0
7 17.0
8 20.0
9 24.0

The chemical composition of an average kiwi fruit is as follows

Soluble solids% 15.0
Total acidity% 1.4
Total sugar% 10.0


Minerals (mg/100gr)

Potassium 340.0


Calcium 37.0
Iron 0.9
Phosphorus 23.0
Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin c) 340.0
Total carbohydrate% 12.0
Protein% 1.0
Fat 0.0
Calories 55.5

Reference: Kiwi fruit growing p.R sale 1990


Main characteristics of the varieties of Kivi

  1. Aboot / Allison : cannot be distinguished from each other satisfactory and it is very likely that they are derived from the same parent plant (Botanical characteristics). An early flowering variety and a heavy cropper , Abbot produces medium sized (required weight 70 grams). Oblong fruit which are covered with dense, long coase haires.
  2. Bruno : Flowers at the same time as or slightly later than it is fruits are small but it does produse a few larger one is, usually darker brown than other varieties. It is covered with very dense, short, rather bristly haires. Bruno is resistance to the cold weather and has an excellent adaptability for industrial preparations.
  3. Gracie : Was a selection made by john Gracie of Auckland Nursery. This variety has an elongated fruit with more width and substance than Bruno.
  4. Monty : They are the latest blooming of all kiwi fruit varieties. Monty usually opens it buds when the other varieties have already lost their flowers. It is fruit are avarage size, similar to Abbot.
  5. Hayward : Hayward is easily identified by it is large broadly oval fruit. It is a very late flowering, pale greenish brown and densely covered with fairly fine and silky hairs. This variety is superior in flavor and stores better than and other variety presently availadle. Yield from Hayward is not usually as heavy as from other named varieties, therefore this variety will be the only one for export.

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